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Marcel Ceuppens
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At The Gates -  Arches National Park, Utah | image by Marsel van Oosten


At The Gates -  Arches National Park, Utah | image by Marsel van Oosten

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Ray Caesar (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 18) uses a unique style of digital 3D modeling to create a strange, surreal world of porcelain skinned characters that seem at once prim, proper and diabolical. His curvaceous female characters harbor both lust and reproach in their eyes, leaving the viewer stranded with contradictory feelings of intimidation and desire. Caesar has a solo show coming up tomorrow, December 15, at Amsterdam’s KochXBos Gallery titled “Sinnocence,” featuring his most recent work. Take a look at a preview of the show below.


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Brendan Kingsley - The Invisible Landscape: You Are Here Now

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“When looking back on our childhood, photographs and family stories stir within the mind. We attempt to piece together a cohesive narrative that leads up to the formation of the adult version of ourselves-a sort of private creation myth. Memory isn’t infallible, however, and often our spotty accounts of the past can be twisted, embellished and selectively pruned of the ugly details and uncomfortable moments.

-Age of Innocence: The Sculptures of Gehard Dementz. Hi-Fructose Magazine. Volume 22. Nastia Voynoskaya

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The awesome Ted Lawson, more here:
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